IA4TES - Inteligencia Artificial para la Transición Energética Sostenible

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BCAM principal investigator: Vincenzo Nava
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BCAM principal investigator: Santiago Mazuelas
Reference: MIA.2021.M04.0008
Coordinator: Iberdrola España
Partners: Minsait
IIC - Instituto de Ingenieria del Conocimiento
BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
UGR - University of Granada
USAL - University of Salamanca
UPM - Politecnic University of Madrid
Ariadna Instruments
Balantia Consultores
Baobab Soluciones
Barbara IoT
Efficiency Program
Singlar Innovación
Stemy Energy
Duration: 2022 - 2024
Funding agency: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation
Type: National Project
Status: Ongoing Project


The project researches the solutions that can be provided by the different Artificial Intelligence technologies to the electricity sector, thinking about the new paradigm of the electricity system, with a mostly renewable production, a mixture of centralised and distributed; with a digitalised and automated, optimised grid, capable of providing bidirectional services to all types of users and interlocutors; with new services that facilitate the autonomous participation of users in new electricity consumption models; and with an optimised design of the different markets and innovative elements, such as energy storage, so that the whole guarantees efficiency, a system free of greenhouse gas emissions and, therefore, the sustainability of the energy model.

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