Amaia ABANDA ELUSTONDO mentor in the INSPIRA project at La Salle Bilbao Ikastetxea

The INSPIRA project aims to promote scientific and technological vocations in young girls. Identifying and highlighting the work done by women throughout history, as well as bringing science closer to the girls, the aim of the project is to make us reconsider the prejudices that are in the society and that can become limitations. This is carried out by several sessions where gender stereotypes in the scientific professions are addressed. These mentoring sessions are leaded by professional women working in science and technology at primary schools located in Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

Amaia is very proud and happy with this opportunity with the students of Sonia DOISTUA NEBREDA at La Salle: “My experience as mentor was really satisfying and I saw the girls enjoying while learning about science and stereotypes”.