BCAM co-organizes the Workshop "The Mathematics of Machine Learning" in Collaboration with ETH Zurich

This year, BCAM has once again brought together leading experts in the field of machine learning, this time in collaboration with ETH Zurich. The event, titled "The Mathematics of Machine Learning," took place in Zurich, further expanding its reach and impact within the mathematical community. The workshop was organized by Prof. F. Yang and Prof. N. He from ETH Zurich together with Prof. S. Mazuelas from BCAM.

Building on the success of last year's workshop held at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM) in Bilbao, which saw over 70 national and international participants, this year's event maintained its high standards of excellence and collaboration. Last year's workshop, held from 25 to 28 October, was supported by the AXA Research Fund, the Spanish Research Agency, and the Basque Government. It aimed to increase the visibility of machine learning mathematics within the broader mathematical community.

Notable speakers presented their cutting-edge research, covering topics such as online learning, performance guarantees, multisource scenarios, optimization methods, interpolating settings, and statistical methods.

This year, the workshop continued its mission to enhance the visibility of the mathematics of machine learning last June. The event featured multiple prestigious researchers who delivered tutorial-style talks designed to be accessible to a broad audience of researchers. This year set of speakers included Prof. N. Cesa-Bianchi (University of Milan), Prof. A. Gretton (University College London), Prof. S. Hanneke (Purdue University), Prof. N. Haghtalab (UC Berkeley), Prof. J. Lee (Princeton University), Prof. P. Loh (University of Cambridge), and Prof. M. Pontil (Italian Institute of Technology). The sessions were aimed at both mathematicians interested in machine learning and those already working in the field, promoting interactions among researchers and providing updates on the latest results.

Additionally, the workshop included a poster session, offering selected participants the chance to present their work. This format encouraged active engagement and discussions, fostering a network of researchers with shared interests.

The collaboration with ETH Zurich signifies a significant step in broadening the workshop's impact and scope, reflecting BCAM's commitment to advancing the mathematics of machine learning on an international stage.

The workshop is partially funded by Spanish AEI and by the European Union Next GenerationEU/PRTR through the project’s references “CNS2022-135203” and “PID2022-137063NB-I00” and the ETH Zürich Insititute for Theoretical Studies and Foundations of Data Science.