BCAM opens its doors to Botikazar BHI and Artaza-Romo BHI high school students

  • The visit from Artaza-Romo BHI was part of the 'Emakumeak Zientzian' initiative.
  • Researchers Leire Garmendia and Mikel Pérez led the visits.


In line with its commitment to bringing mathematics closer to society and fostering scientific vocations among younger individuals, BCAM welcomed the visit of two high schools: Botikazar BHI and Artaza-Romo BHI, the latter within the framework of the 'Emakumeak Zientzian' initiative.

Both visits were led by Leire Garmendia and Mikel Pérez, researchers at BCAM, who explained the day-to-day aspects of their work and engaged students through group dynamics, making mathematics approachable and enjoyable through teamwork.

Leire is a Research Technician in the Mathematical Design, Modeling, and Simulations line, and she explained how mathematics can be applied to public health with examples from work conducted during the COVID crisis, for instance.
Meanwhile, Mikel, a Research Technician in the Applied Statistics line, focused on the project he works on, ‘MATH4SPORTS’, explaining how mathematics can be applied to sports.
Thus, between the two, they explained their research work in a didactic and accessible manner.

After each researcher's presentation, students conversed with them, sharing different experiences and questions regarding mathematics in their school. Additionally, they enjoyed a guided tour of the center's facilities.

The visit from Artaza-Romo BHI also marked the beginning of the 'Emakumeak Zientzian' initiative, aimed at showcasing women's activity in science, breaking traditional male roles associated with scientific and technical activities, and encouraging girls and teenagers to choose scientific careers.