BCAM participates in the new edition of the scientific outreach festival 'Pint of Science'.

  • 'Pint of Science' will bring 24 talks to four bars in Bilbao from May 13 to 15, with free entry.
  • Daniela Moreno and Miguel Camarasa, PhS students at BCAM, will be at the Kubrick bar in Bilbao on May 13 and 14 respectively.

BCAM collaborates once again with the Bilbao's edition of the scientific outreach festival 'Pint of Science'. The event, coordinated by BCMaterials, will take place in four bars in the city (Davinci, Kubrick, Hika Ateneo, and Geuria! San Mamés), hosting a total of free 24 talks between May 13 and 15.

The goal of 'Pint of Science' is to introduce audiences of all ages to the scientific and technological research being carried out in their environment, in this case, the province of Bizkaia. It will bring together researchers from some of the most important academic and research centers in our territory: Achucarro, Azti BC3, BCAM, BCMaterials, IIS Biobizkaia – Biocruces, Instituto Biofisika, CICbioGune, Tekniker, University of Deusto, and UPV/EHU.

As for the talks, 'Pint of Science' covers a range of diverse and current topics: physics, chemistry, environment, technology, computing, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, and biotechnology.

From BCAM, Daniela Moreno and Mikel Camarasa, both Phd students, will participate in the festival. Daniela's turn will be on Monday the 13th with 'Journey to the Modeling of a NanoUniverse' and Mikel will share 'Why Don't Mathematicians Get Lucky?' on Tuesday the 14th.
Both will be at the Kubrick bar at 7:00 PM.

These will be the host bars for 'Pint of Science Bilbao 2024':

  • Geuria! San Mamés. (San Mamés Stadium. Gate 14). Theme: Wonderful Mind and Our Body.
  • Hika Ateneo. Eskola Zumarkalea, 1 (Muelle Ibeni - San Antón). Theme: From Atoms to Stars.
  • Kubrick Bar. (Villarías, 2. Uribitarte Pier). Theme: Tech me out!
  • Davinci Bilbao. (Arbolantxa, 2. Church of San Vicente). Theme: Planet Earth.

The entire program is available at this link: https://pintofscience.es/events/bilbao

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