BCAM's 'Matematikhariak' initiative receives the Steam Euskadi seal

  • The STEAM Euskadi seal, awarded by the Basque Government through Innobasque, recognizes initiatives that promote STEAM education and foster the development of key skills among students, such as critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity.
  • 'Matematikhariak' is also one of the finalist proposals in the IV call for STEAM Euskadi Awards.

BCAM has obtained the Steam Euskadi seal for its educational initiative, 'Matematikhariak'.

The STEAM Euskadi seal, granted by the Basque Government, recognizes initiatives with a marked STEAM education character, aiming to promote scientific vocations and STEM professional aspirations, as well as to improve students' STEAM skills. This recognition highlights BCAM's commitment to integrating science and mathematics into the educational sphere.

'Matematikhariak' is an initiative that promotes and explains, through the testimonies of BCAM researchers, STEM professions, the daily life of a researcher in the field of mathematics, and how, from other disciplines related to mathematics, work is done to solve everyday problems. Participants, through visits to the center, have the opportunity to experience mathematics in a more playful way outside the classroom and see its everyday practicality. Additionally, the initiative also seeks to bring mathematics closer to society as a whole, with workshops, talks, and playful proposals that highlight the value of mathematics, aiming for the public to lose the "fear" of a science that is often perceived as tough and difficult. With 'Matematikhariak', BCAM reveals the fascinating and creative side of this science to people.

Furthermore, through the testimony of the professional trajectories of the research staff, students can learn about different academic pathways and delve into their interests and motivations, building bridges for scientific exploration.

With the support of the STEAM Euskadi seal, BCAM will continue to expand and improve its program to reach an even wider audience and promote curiosity about mathematics.

Additionally, the evaluation team of this 4th edition of the STEAM Euskadi Awards, composed of representatives from Berritzegunes and Vocational Training Centers of the Department of Education, the University of Deusto, the UPV/EHU, and the Basque Agency of Innovation, Innobasque, has assessed the 127 submitted candidacies and selected BCAM and its 'Matematikhariak' as one of the finalist proposals.