EBRAINS Brain Simulation Workshop 2024 comes to Bilbao with BCAM

  • The Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics – BCAM, was the main organiser of the workshop that took place at Bizkaia Aretoa from June 3 to 7

The Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics – BCAM organised for the first time the EBRAINS Brain Simulation Workshop 2024 in Bilbao, held in person for 5 days at Bizkaia Aretoa. The workshop featured several international speakers and “Hands-on” sessions for the attendees during the afternoons of the event.

The event focused on computational neuroscience and the EBRAINS Cellular Level Modelling Platform (ECEMP), with the main aim of extending access to this field and related tools to the neuroscientific communities. The primary goal was for participants to gain a deeper understanding of the techniques and scientific methods underlying the implementation of detailed computational models. Participants had the opportunity to access the Modelling Platform and supercomputing systems to configure and run a simulation, visualize and analyse simulation results, and form collaborative groups interested in exploring scientific issues of common interest.

Among the topics addressed at the EBRAINS Brain Simulation Workshop 2024 were Mathematical Modelling of Neuro-Systems, Electrophysiological Feature Extraction, Single-Cell Modelling, 3D Cell Morphologies, the NEURON-python Simulation Environment, Large-Scale Models of Brain Areas, Olfactory Bulb and Hippocampus, Implementation of Simplified Mathematical Neuron Models, the NEST Simulator, In Silico Experiments Using Circuits, Modelling Pathological Conditions, and Implementing/Running Efficient Simulations on Parallel Supercomputer Systems.

EBRAINS is the main simulation platform created through the flagship Human Brain Project (HBP) and will remain active after the HBP ends. This is a long-term international platform that will be of profound importance to the European Mathematical, Computational and Experimental Neuroscience community. The EBRAINS website is available at https://www.ebrains.eu/.

The workshop is partially funded by the Basque Government through the Ikerbilerak 2024 program (Ref.: RC_2024_1_0036), the Spanish AEI through the “Severo Ochoa Excellence” projects (Ref. CEX2021-001142-S), the Bilbao City Council through the “BILBOMATH 2024” project, and by EBRAINS, EBRAINS Italy and INRIA.