Jone Uria explains what Scutoids are at 'Faktoria' - Euskadi Irratia

Jone Uria is a mathematician and a PhD student at BCAM. Today she's been interview at the radio show 'Faktoria' from Euskadi Irratia, where she has explained what Scutoids are.

This new geometrical shape was discovered this summer, at the University of Granada, and describes the form of epithelial cells. Uria says that they are three-dimensional and they are tied to each other as the "Lego" figures.

They are harder to study than two-dimensional shapes and It was believed that they were associated with prism, but the diagrams of cells in the upper and lower cells began to be studied and they were seen to have different diagrams.

This would not possible if the shape of the cell was in the form of a prism, so researchers have found that epithelial cells adopt a novel shape that they have termed “scutoid”.

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