Lore Zumeta, interviewed in Elhuyar magazine

  • The PhD at BCAM talks about her love for mathematics and her life as a researcher in an interview with journalist Ana Galarraga

The magazine Elhuyar dedicates an interview to the BCAM PhD student Lore Zumeta in its section "Ekinean". In it, Lore explains that she has loved mathematics since childhood and talks about her main reasons for entering the world of research. Today, Lore is researching sports injuries to find out what risk factors exist, taking into account statistical models.

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Lore graduated from the UPV/EHU and obtained a master's degree in Statistics and Operations Research at the UPC-UB, specialising in Biostatistics. She joined BCAM in July 2018 as a research technician in the Applied Statistics research line and since September 2019 she is doing her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dae-Jin Lee.