MATH4SPORTS, Mathematical Modelling for the Sports Industry: Health & Performance

The main objective of the project, which will be carried out with the support of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, is to "promote applied mathematical research into the challenges of today's sport, with the main focus on the health and performance of sportsmen and sportswomen".

Basque Center for Applied Mathematics - BCAM, presents the new project to promote mathematics applied to the challenges of today's sport: MATH4SPORTS- Mathematical Modelling for the sports industry: health and performance. The project, which will last 2 years, will be carried out thanks to the funding granted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia of more than €150,000 through the Technology Transfer Programme 2022.

MATH4SPORTS will be carried out with the aim of generating scientific knowledge that can be transferred to society and thus jointly develop knowledge and projects, as well as bringing applied research in the field of sports performance data analysis, advanced mathematical modelling techniques and machine learning and statistical modelling techniques to the sports industry sector. To this end, the objectives will focus on the scientific, scientific-technological, generation of new knowledge and dissemination and transfer of knowledge.

The research team will include members of BCAM's Applied Statistics research line, led by Dae-Jin Lee, principal investigator of the project.

The MATH4SPORTS project is another step forward in BCAM's work to bring mathematics closer to sport, for example, through collaborations.