MujeresxÁfrica programme: Myriam Sonia Djoukwe Tapi interview

  • BCAM participates once again in  MujeresxÁfrica programme, an initiative that seeks to empower African women in science
  • Myriam Sonia Djoukwe Tapi is a researcher at the University of Douala, Cameroon. Visiting Fellow at Mathematical and Theoretical Biology line.


Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to innovation and progress in scientific research. By integrating diverse perspectives and experiences through the participation in MujeresXÁfrica , BCAM not only enriches its work environment, but also promotes a culture of equity and excellence. This cooperation strengthens international ties and fosters a cultural and academic exchange beneficial to all parties involved.

We are proud to be part of MujeresxÁfrica and to contribute to the empowerment of women in science, reaffirming our conviction that diversity is the engine of innovation. This year, we are working with Myriam Sonia Djoukwe Tapi, researcher at the University of Douala, Cameroon. Visiting Fellow at Mathematical and Theoretical Biology line.

You can get to know her better through this interview:

Could you tell us about yourself?

My name is Myriam TAPI, third of six siblings. Studying mathematics for me has always been a challenge. Long considered a sector for men, it was very difficult at the very beginning to establish myself in this sector. Today, I am very proud of myself because I am a role model for some young people in my country and a source of motivation for others.

What motivated you to join MujeresxÁfrica project?
Joining the MujeresxAfrica project is a great opportunity for me. The leadership training that this program offers us will be of great importance to us. This training will help us be better leaders in our different workplaces. In addition, the opportunity this foundation offers us to join prestigious research laboratories allows us to perfect our various research work and above all to work in an ideal environment for scientific research.

What interests you most about working at BCAM?
The Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM) is a prestigious research center in the world. It offers a pleasant working environment and there is a warm conviviality. It's very pleasant to be there because we listen to others and support them in carrying out their research project. The organization of different seminars and workshops allows you to better understand and explain your work to everyone. It's truly a pleasure to be there and to work there.

What project will you work on?

During my stay at BCAM, I will work on this project: "Effect of climatic variations and cocoa diseases on cocoa production: a mathematical modeling approach".

This research project aims to study the effect of climatic variations on cocoa production. Climatic variations promote the development of diseases and pests in the plot, which leads to losses in cocoa production. The main the disease that appears at low temperatures is black rot disease and warm temperatures favor the emergence of pests belonging to the Miridae family: Sahlbergella singularis. The aim is to keep pest density below an epidemic nuisance threshold and reduce the spread of black rot disease depending on climatic variations.

What are you expectations of working on BCAM?

I hope to carry out my research project in the BCAM laboratory. The working environment being ideal, I hope that I will have concrete results at the end of my study. At the end of my study at BCAM, I would like to propose solutions in terms of control crop pests. Climate change being a current subject, we hope to obtain results in terms of pest control by taking into account climatic variations.