Mathematical Modelling with Multidisciplinary Applications

Life and physical sciences, the realm of living systems and emergent laws, pose mathematical and technological challenges, which if advanced will impact public health, economy and society.


Development of novel theoretical, computational and technological tools to explain complex real-world problems and ultimately assist scientists and practitioners both in academia and industry.


We push the boundaries of mathematics and develop analytical frameworks, multiscale parsimonious models, advanced algorithms and novel measuring techniques to extract invariant patterns hidden within the multi-spatial-temporal scales involved in biological and physical systems. A closed loop between hypothesis testing, HPC, high throughput data and data management, enable quantitative and qualitative knowledge discovery.


In Health, Ecology and Evolution our methods can be applied to patient-specific simulation; disease outbreak and within-host modeling; multi-strain pathogen interactions; drug resistance; brain computation and neural code; neurodegenerative diseases; metabolism. In Energy and Materials to advanced materials for ion-batteries; geosteering; polymerization and chemical reaction mechanisms.


Research lines