The evolution of vortex filaments with corners

Data: Al, Urr 21 - Az, Urr 23 2013

Ordua: 09:30

Hizlariak: Luis Vega, BCAM

Title: The evolution of vortex filaments with corners
Lecturer: Luis Vega (BCAM)
Dates: October 21-23, 2013 (plus two more days to be fixed)
Time: 9h30-11h30
Venue: BCAM Headquarters, Alameda Mazarredo 14, Bilbao


The aim of the course is to give a self contained exposition of the recent paper written in collaboration with F. de la Hoz about the vortex filament equation for a regular polygon [1]. This equation, also called Localized Induction Approximation, is a mathematical idealization of the real dynamics that is given by Euler equations. Geometrically the velocity of a given point of the filament is in the direction of the binormal with a speed that is proportional to the curvature. The underlying PDE is a non-linear Schrodinger equation, so that some elemental aspects of non-linear dispersive equations will be also reviewed.


[1] F. de la Hoz, L. Vega, Vortex Filament Equation for a Regular Polygon, 
arXiv:1304.5521 (

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Luis Vega, BCAM

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