BCAM joins Bilbao's Charter Of Values - Bilbao Balioen Hiria

BCAM endorses the Bilbao Charter of Values -Bilbao Balioen Hiria. This is a project led by the Bilbao City Council.

Bilbao Balioen Hiria aims to generate a space for analysis, dialogue, reflection and collaborative work between institutions, social entities, companies, media, educational centers and citizens to promote a framework of shared values in the city of Bilbao.

With the adhesion, BCAM assumes the commitment to maintain, enhance and promote attitudes and behaviors in accordance with the spirit and content of this document, which embodies the 17 values, that according to the people of Bilbao, should vertebrate the coexistence of the city.

  • Respect for human rights, social justice, equality between women and men, solidarity.
  • Diversity/inclusion, commitment, environmental sustainability.
  • Co-responsibility, coexistence, identity, effort.
  • Trust, creativity, participation, honesty, enthusiasm and health.