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Sturm–Liouville systems for the survival probability in first-passage time problems

Pagnini, G.; Dahlenburg, M. (2023-11-15)

We derive a Sturm–Liouville system of equations for the exact calculation of the survival probability in first-passage time problems. This system is the one associated with the Wiener–Hopf integral equation obtained from the...

Resource-Efficient High-Dimensional Entanglement Detection via Symmetric Projections

Morelli, S.; Huber, M.; Tavakoli, A. (2023-10-25)

We introduce two families of criteria for detecting and quantifying the entanglement of a bipartite quantum state of arbitrary local dimension. The first is based on measurements in mutually unbiased bases and the second is ...

Symmetry in a multi-strain epidemiological model with distributed delay as a general cross-protection period and disease enhancement factor

Steindorf, V.; Oliva, S.; Stollenwerk, N.; Aguiar, M. (2024-01-01)

Important biological features of viral infectious diseases caused by multiple agents with interacting strain dynamics continue to pose challenges for mathematical modelling development. Motivated by dengue fever epidemiology...

Optimal vaccination strategies for a heterogenous population using multiple objectives: The case of L1 and L2-formulations

Saldaña, F.; Kebir, A.; Camacho-Gutiérrez, J. A.; Aguiar, M. (2023-12-01)

The choice of the objective functional in optimization problems coming from biomedical and epidemiological applications plays a key role in optimal control outcomes. In this study, we investigate the role of the objective fu...