Elena Akhmatskaya participates in the conference "Women in Science and Technology"

  • The BCAM-Ikerbasque researcher took part in a round table organised by the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park in collaboration with Emakunde

More than 100 students from the school Begoñazpi participated in the conference "Women in Science and Technology ", organized by the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia in collaboration with Emakunde, last Thursday. This event is part of an initiative of the Association of State Technology Parks (APTE) which aims to increase the percentage of female students in secondary education who choose science or technology studies.

The event started with a round table in wich 3 female researchers told the students about their personal experiences in research, as well as the difficulties and challenges they have had to face in their professional careers. Among them was Ikerbasque Research Professor at BCAM Elena Akhmatskaya, as well as María del Mar Vivanco from CIC bioGUNE and Mónica Rodríguez from the company DYNAKIN.

Asked about the qualities necessary to have a successful scientific career, Elena answered firmly: "You have to be naturally curious and very persevering, it is a very competitive career so you cannot give up easily”. 

After the round table, the students took part in some workshops on nanotechnology and renewable energies and visited the exhibition "Women who changed the world", a showcase of 10 panels starring relevant women in science and technology, from pioneers like Marie Curie, to researchers who are currently developing scientific projects at the Technology Parks.