Two groups of young students visited BCAM last week

  • The participants of the Bizilabe programme, promoted by Elhuyar Zientzia, and two students from Urola Ikastola came to the centre to learn about its scientific work

Two groups of students between the ages of 13 and 16 visited the Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics - BCAM last week. Both visits are part of the center's commitment to bringing mathematics closer to society and to encourage young people to pursue a career in science.

The first of the visits took place on Thursday October 25th, when 8 students participating in a scientific workshop on cryptography promoted by Bizilabe - Elhuyar Zientzia came to BCAM to learn about the link between this discipline and mathematics. In addition to learning about the work done at the center, they had the opportunity to talk with PhD student Irma Pallarés about her experience studying mathematics, her first steps in the research career and her day-to-day life at the BCAM.

On Friday, two students from Urola Ikastola who won the last edition of the "Incubator of Surveys and Experiments" contests visited the center with their mathematics teacher. This competition, organised by the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Operational Research of the University of the Basque Country with the support of BCAM and EUSTAT, aims to promote the teaching and learning of Statistics, Probability and Operational Research at non-university educational levels. During their visit they were able to see the facilities of the center and they received a talk on the multiple opportunities of a career in Mathematics from Dae-Jin Lee, the leader of BCAM's research line in Applied Statistics.