BCAM supports Euskaraldia, 11 egun euskaraz

  • As a collaborating institution of the initiative BCAM will promote a greater use of the Basque language in the daily life of the centre

The Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics - BCAM joins Euskaraldia, 11 egun euskaraz an initiative that between November 23rd and December 3rd will seek to influence the linguistic habits of Basque speakers in order to promote greater use of this language in their daily life.

Euskaraldia is a project promoted by several associations dedicated to the promotion of Euskara that for 11 days will invite participants to take the role of Ahobizi or Belarriprest. Ahobizi are those people who speak in Basque with everyone who understands the language and speak to strangers using, at least, the first word in Basque. On the other hand, Belarriprest are those people who at least understand Basque and who invite the rest to address them in this language.

BCAM strongly encourages the team of the centre to identify themselves as Ahobizi or Belarriprest between November 23rd and December 3rd and to make greater use of Basque in the day to day life of the centre.