Akhil Kumar Srivastav

Postdoc Fellow

T +34 946 567 842
F +34 946 567 842

Information of interest

I am a trained mathematician who received my Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Applied Mathematics from the School of Advanced Sciences, Vellore Institute of Technology, India. During my M.Phil and Ph.D., I worked on infectious disease modeling, such as vector-borne diseases and influenza. My current focus is on Covid-19 Modeling and Dengue Disease, as well as developing a good model, analyzing data with the model, and discussing control interventions (Optimal Control). My research interests include vector-borne disease mathematical modeling, Covid-19, infectious disease dynamics, mathematical modeling of social problems, non-linear dynamics, optimal control, and complex networks.

  • Complex Network Approaches for Epidemic Modeling: A Case Study of COVID-19 

    Srivastav, A.K.Autoridad BCAM; Anam, V.Autoridad BCAM; Blasco-Aguado, R.; Estadilla, C.D.Autoridad BCAM; Guerrero, B.V.Autoridad BCAM; Kebir, A.Autoridad BCAM; Mateus, L.; Naffeti, B.Autoridad BCAM; Saldaña, F.Autoridad BCAM; Steindorf, V.Autoridad BCAM; Stollenwerk, N.Autoridad BCAM (2024-03-01)
    Since the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, the importance of mathematical modeling as a tool for comprehending disease dynamics has been highlighted, with several mathematical modeling techniques being applied and developed to simulate ...
  • Within-host models unravelling the dynamics of dengue reinfections 

    Anam, V.Autoridad BCAM; Guerrero, B.V.Autoridad BCAM; Srivastav, A.K.Autoridad BCAM; Stollenwerk, N.Autoridad BCAM; Aguiar, M.Autoridad BCAM (2024-02-07)
    Caused by four serotypes, dengue fever is a major public health concern worldwide. Current modeling efforts have mostly focused on primary and heterologous secondary infections, assuming that lifelong immunity prevents ...
  • Optimal vaccine allocation for the control of sexually transmitted infections 

    Saldaña, F.Autoridad BCAM; Steindorf, V.Autoridad BCAM; Srivastav, A.K.Autoridad BCAM; Stollenwerk, N.Autoridad BCAM; Aguiar, M.Autoridad BCAM (2023-04-15)
    The burden of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) poses a challenge due to its large negative impact on sexual and reproductive health worldwide. Besides simple prevention measures and available treatment efforts, ...

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